'Dnyaanam Satyam Samata' is the logo of Shree Kshetra Siddhagiri Math. Siddhagiri math is located on the top of the hill.

  • Giri in Sanskrit means a hill.
  • Siddha means the "one who is accomplished" and refers to perfected masters who, according to Hindu belief, have transcended the ahamkara (ego or I-maker), have subdued their minds to be subservient to their Awareness. This is usually accomplished only by persistent meditation. There have been many siddhas whose penances at Siddhaigiri have transformed this location into pious and spiritual center.

Logo displays the lord Mahadev temple on the top of the hill where dnyaanam, satyam and samata is followed.

  • Dnyaanam - The art of self realization i.e. supreme knowledge is worshiped at Siddhagiri.
  • Satyam - The secrets of the ultimate truth - the only thing which remains unchanged i.e. Atman are explored and practiced here.
  • Samata - The knowledge of the soul is shared with all young and old ones without discrimination of any cast, creed and gender.