CSR at Siddhagiri

Anand Ashram

At Siddhagiri Matha, we are guided by the mission of educating the children of the country who will decide the course of future. Anand Ashram is an initiative wherein children who are keen to study but are unable to do so because of the lack of opportunity, financial backing, and a host of other reasons. These children can come here to seek education. Currently, the project is operational is Kaneri and Parali Sajjangad at Satara helping young children pursue their dreams. The children are provided holistic educational training and contribute towards their transformation.. Read More

Vidya Chetana

Vidya Chetna is an educational initiative of Shri Adrushya Kaadhsiddheshwar Swami Ji and the Siddhagiri Matha. It is an effort of reaching out to the society. It emphasizes on how to improve the poor state of schools in villages of India. He has come up with many creative ideas to alleviate their condition. To arrest the increasing trend of children taking admission in private English Medium schools and also to save Marathi mother tongue from extinction, the Matha has adopted initially 30 primary schools and also appointed 15 trained teachers to strengthen the education quality and..Read More

Allopathy Hospital

The principle behind Siddhagiri Hospital is to make all the modern medical facilities available to the poor at a low cost. The 100 bed hospital is run on philanthropic principles.
Excellent doctors in every field are recruited by the Siddhagiri hospital. There are 3 General Medicine, 2 Orthopedics, 2 Neuro Surgens, 2 Urologists, 1 Paediatrician, 2 Gynaecologists, 1 Cancer Specialist, 1 Dermatologist, 1 E7T surgery specialist, 1 Dentist and 1 Ophthalmologist..Read More

Ayurvedic Hospital

The ayurvedic hospital offers panchkarma to its patients at an extremely low cost of Rs. 2500 which is 1/10th of what is charged for the same in kerala. Panchakarma (5 actions) is a cleansing programme aimed at body, mind and consciousness. It has a beneficial effect on air, health, wellness and automatic healing.
The Ayurvedic hospital is known for its Panchkarma treatment. And it is provided at a very nominal cost of Rs. 2500 whereas the same treatment can cost ten times more in Kerala..Read More

Through the aid of ‘Precious Heart’ foundation, we provide our support to the treatment of infants and children who are suffering from congenital heart disorders. This is a form of a social initiative that we undertake to save the lives of those who suffer from heart diseases. There are facilities to treat cardiovascular diseases which are a major public health issues nowadays in most of the developing countries like India. Cardiac patients specially, need a faster and an affordable medium of transportation during emergencies. In the nearby areas around Kolhapur, there is scarcity of medical transport facilities. Therefore, there is a necessity to provide early medication services to the cardiac patients. Siddhagiri Hospital and Research Centre always initiates to help such patients by providing appropriate medical treatments at the right time and at affordable prices.

As a part of corporate social responsibility, many social camps are conducted on a regular basis, especially in the rural areas to educate people on living a healthier life. Camps are organized for various types of medical education such as patient care, dialysis, polio eradication camps, cancer treatment, female foeticide awareness camps and many more.


This not only spreads the awareness regarding the illness, but also provides ways to cure them. We also provide free delivery services for women who give birth to a girl child along with post-delivery treatments to the mother and child.

We have also initiated anandvan activities wherein an adoption of more than 80 destitute children was done. Facilities for food, education, health and accommodation of these adopted children have also been taken care of by us.

Through the dedicated efforts of our managing team, we continuously strive to educate the rural masses in schools and colleges alike to make them aware of these diseases. We have also established a “Charity Wing” which is committed towards providing treatments to the under privileged segments of the society at either nominal fees or free of cost, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.