Computer education has become necessary, even for village dwellers. Swamiji conceived e-learning sets, with computers. To involve the villagers in the scheme, he declared that the Matha will donate one computer on each computer donated by the village collectively for this purpose. He later started exhorting the organisers of ‘Ganesh Utsav’ to use the money that is spent on decoration for buying computers for the villagers. The idea is caught on and is now a major phenomenon in the regin. It has also been noticed by the media.

The world has become truly computerised. And computer education is now a must. Even in the villages. Keeping this in mind, Swamiji has conceived e-learning sets. And to motivate the villagers to associate with the scheme, the Matha has declared to donate one computer for every single computer donated by the village collectively. Even the ‘Ganesh Utsav’ organisers are encouraged to buy computers for villagers instead of spending it on decoration. This idea is well appreciated and now has become a phenomenon in the region while also getting the attention of the media.