Sandhya Gurukul

After school time, children are inclined to watch TV. With s view to increase their interest in education, the Matha has started an innovative project called Sandhya Gurukul. The Matha has adopted 30 villages schools. It has assigned 30 matajis (Lady teachers) to reach out to 30 villages. After the school is over, these Matajis help these children to finish their homework. They provide value education which is gaining support from villagers. Consequently, passing percentage of children in villages has increased along with value education. Villagers’ participation in these education activities has increased.

To best utilise the after school hours of the village children, the Matha started an innovative project called Sandhya Gurukul. Aimed to increase the children’s interest in education, 30 village schools are adopted. And 30 Matajis (Lady Teachers) are assigned to cater to 30 villages. These Matajis help students finish their home work after the school is over. They also teach them value education. The initiative is well appreciated by the villagers and the results are positive as the passing percentage of students has increased.