Yoga Shibir

Before the world had fancy gyms, the Indian scriptures had introduced us to the Yoga Science. Comprising of simple exercises and breathing techniques, Yoga science is extremely powerful and holds the potential to cure all types of body ailments provided it is practiced on a daily basis and in the right way. With time, the popularity of Yoga travelled across borders and today it is a global phenomenon. However, in case of India, the people are still to understand the benefits of introducing Yoga in their daily life.

At Siddhagiri Matha, our focus is on helping the people understand the benefits of Yoga and adapt it in their daily life. Our volunteers conduct Yoga classes on daily basis where people across age groups are taught to exercise their body. From simple breathing exercises to meditation asanas, yoga has a lot to offer. Even for those who are absolutely healthy will benefit from practicing Yoga. This is because Yoga motivates the body from within to develop a general health and well-being.

The Yoga shibir conducted by the matha includes training sessions as well as educational seminars about practices to follow that help in keeping the body healthy. Here are the advantages of participating in the Yoga shibir.

  • It’s the easy way to keep the body healthy
  • Young and old benefit from these sessions
  • It improves body immunity