Rural India is today regarded as one of the most backward areas of the country. However, the villages in India were not always like that. There was a time when these villages were self-sufficient. The way of life in the rural community has inspired the path of modern civilisation as well. Sadly, today, the future generation is not aware of this greatness because they have no exposure to it. The Siddhagiri Matha is working hard to change this perception. Through its museum, the matha introduces the people to the way of life in the villages of India.

The idea is to educate the modern man about the way of life, its evolution and the importance to learn from the past. The beautifully decorated museum gives people a glimpse into this forgotten way of life. It happens to be one of the biggest attractions in the matha premises and witnesses many visitors on a daily basis.

Visiting the museum

The museum was inaugurated to the public in 2006 and since then has been quite a crowd puller. Additionally, it is heartening to see people learn more and appreciate the greatness of rural life that was once the backbone of modern India. It also gives a platform to showcase the long lost culture and traditions of our country to the local population.

Bharatiya Grama-Jeevan

Prachin Pratibhavan

Bharatiya Utsav